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Message 113573 - Posted 15 Aug 2011 17:30:38 UTC

    In the preferances setup you can tell when a computer is to use the internet link. The two settings is for the begin time and end time. Is the time setting local time or UTC? I have set them to both but neither appears to work correctly. Could those with more experience comment.

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    Message 113575 - Posted 15 Aug 2011 19:43:07 UTC - in response to Message 113573.

      Local time, as BOINC runs on your computer at local time.

      As for not working, make sure you run BOINC based on preferences, as else these will not work (when set to Run Always). Also make sure to set the correct preferences. The local advanced preferences override the web preferences. Just looking at the local preferences once and clicking out of there with OK, will make that BOINC uses the local prefs, not the web-prefs.

      On which of your two systems does it not work correctly?
      If on the Windows 7 system, make sure that boinctray.exe is running (check in Windows task manager and if it's not there, start it from c:\program files\Boinc\).

      Despite its name, this program does not do anything with trays. It's the BOINC idle detection program on Windows 7 and Vista. It only runs when you start up the computer.

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